Secondary Festival Registration

We’re so glad you’re planning to join us in Charlotte! If you’ll be attending with a group, the group leader should complete this form. Names of students, and the events in which they’ll be participating, will be submitted at a later date. Use this form to calculate event numbers, if needed.

Within three days of registering, you will receive a link by email to a PayPal invoice. You may pay the invoice by credit/debit card, or print the invoice and mail a check. 

Changes may be made, including refunds for cancellations, until January 1.

Lodging and food are not included in the registration or entry fees.

Click here to reserve rooms with our group rate at the Festival’s preferred hotel, Fairfield Inn & Suites.


Questions? Please write to

In the past, students got two "free" events with their entry fee. This year, we have reduced the entry fee by $30 (the cost of two events), and each event will be calculated separately in the space below. Thus, the cost is the same as years past.
Enter the total number of events all students will compete in. For example, if you are bringing 5 students and each of them is competing in 3 events, the total would be 15. If 6 students are in one ensemble musical scene, enter 6, not 1. Use the document below, if needed, to help calculate the total.
Teachers, parents, and others attending besides students.

Use this form to calculate Total Events, if needed:

Event Calculator – Excel Spreadsheet

Event Calculator – Print version