Applied Theatre Conferences


Applied Theatre, Spiritual Formation and Christian Worship:An Interactive Workshop on Faith and Theatre


May 15-17, 2014 in Houston, TX (Gateway Christian Fellowship)

June 26-28, 2014 in St Louis, MO (Fontbonne University)

July 10-12, 2014 in Greenville, SC (North Greenville University)

At the Greenville workshop our group will be joined on Thursday night by SPECTRUM 14/15, a social skills theatre program for people with developmental disabilities. Registrants will experience how theatre is changing the lives of these 20 young adults for about an hour of their regular program. Then on Saturday morning we will be joined by members of the Playback Cafe ensemble as they create and rehearse their monthly performance for the homeless at Triune Mercy Center. Both of these additional experiences will enrich our time together as we explore theatre and faith in service to people in our community!

July 24-26, 2014 in Nashville TN (Trevecca University)

Each weekend runs Thursday evening through Saturday night

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Description: Join Dr. Dale Savidge (Executive Director of CITA and the ATC) for a dynamic, interactive weekend of theatre and spirituality. Participants will journey into a deeper relationship with God personally and in community through applied theatre techniques. By experiencing the power of theatre as it intersects with faith, the participants will also learn a variety of applied theatre methods and how they can be used in Christian ministry. The weekend will also include an interactive worship service using applied theatre methods and instruction in adapting the Bible for interactive worship and “playing back” prayer requests in worship. A separate prayer room will be available for continual use throughout the weekend for individuals and for the group.

Christians in Theatre Arts ( exists to encourage and equip Christian theatre artists to impact the world and further the Kingdom of God.  The Applied Theatre Center (in Greenville, SC) is a bridge between organizations offering programs which meet the needs of individuals and communities and theatre artists trained in a variety of applied theatre techniques.


Dr. Dale Savidge (Executive Director, Christians in Theatre Arts and the Applied Theatre Center)

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Each weekend is limited to 35 participants.
Lunch Friday and Saturday is provided in the registration fees:

Adult preregistration (at least 2 weeks prior to each start date) is $125.00
Student preregistration is $75.00
Registration after the 2 week cut-off date for anyone is $150.
Registration fees include lunch on Friday and Saturday.

Lodging options will be available on the CITA website (under “upcoming events/applied theatre”) and on the Facebook event pages for each weekend. Some scholarship assistance may be available.

Who should attend?

  • Christian laypersons who desire to use theatre techniques to engage their spiritual lives more deeply and fully

  • people in ministry who desire to revitalize their methods of discipleship and worship leading

  • educators who want to learn methods of communicating with people through interactive, embodied techniques

Tentative Schedule of sessions:

6 pm – opening gathering, “The Healing Power of theatre”

An introduction to “spiritual formation” and “applied theatre” the group will play a series of “gamesercizes” together. These group activities will open our hearts and minds to the reality of our spiritual identities and to the presence of God among us. We will step out of the concerns of our daily lives for the weekend and enter into a new space: one of openness and transparency before God.

8 am – prayer walk and meditations

9:00 – general session: “Central concerns and act hungers”

We will utilize a variety of sociodrama techniques to explore our identity as a group, and beyond that our identity as the Church. What are our immediate needs (and by extension the needs of those we serve) and what will we work on this weekend? After the concerns of the group surface we will, as a community, commit to some areas on which we wish to act, to embody and play out conflicts and resolutions in this specific time and place.

Noon – lunch and eat/pray/rest

2:00 – general session: “Experiencing the theology of presence and community”

We will learn about and also experience what it means to live in the presence of God and in community               with each other through theatre. It will be both informative and transformative.

6:00 – dinner on your own

7:30 – “The Healing Power of Narrative”

The group will share stories and practice playing them back. Along the way we will share in our common humanity through story and experience how acting out stories is a cathartic experience for the teller and the hearers.  We will also explore playing back narratives and non-narrative literature from the Bible.

8:00 – prayer room is open

9:00 – general session: “Applied Theatre in Worship”

The group will rehearse and perform an interactive Playback worship service using one of the Psalms. We will learn “enacted prayer” methods and applied theatre methods for enriching congregational singing.

Noon – lunch

1:30 – 3:30 “Summing up, Debriefing, Reentering the World”

We will explore and express impressions from the weekend, in particular how we will act on our experiences. As a group we’ll use theatre to covenant with God and with each other for our ongoing spiritual formation and effective worship through interactive theatre.

Questions? Email Dr. Dale Savidge at