CITA logoCITA  cultivates environments that empower and sustain theatre artists of faith.

Christians face unique challenges — and opportunities — when working in the theatre. Christians In Theatre Arts (CITA) gives Christians a world-wide support network; connections with believers who are also theatre artists. Whether you’re leading or participating in a church drama ministry, teaching at a high school or college, or working in the professional theatre; whether you’re a performer, director, designer or playwright, CITA is dedicated to serving you!

CITA works through:

  • Service – We prayerfully seek opportunities to meet needs which we are uniquely equipped to address. This includes: developing of artists-believers to more effectively serve as they have been called; developing emerging artists-believers as they mature in their faith and art; serving of marginalized populations through artist-believers; and developing new works among artist-believers. CITA partners with existing like-minded organizations and avoids “reinventing the wheel.”
  • Networking – We facilitate contacts to meet the needs of our membership;  represent our membership in regional and national Christian arts organizations, and keep our membership informed of the activities of these organizations.
  • Publishing – We publish an enewsletter, blog, and other materials pertinent to Christians in the theatre arts, and we encourage and support publication of new scripts by Christians.
  • Gatherings – We encourage and assist in the development of regional and national gatherings for its membership, and offer members discounts on selected gatherings.