What happens next?

With the resignation of longtime Executive Director, Dale Savidge, our Board of Directors has entered a period of examination and discernment about where CITA is and where we go next. For the next few months, our online blog and monthly enewsletter will feature thoughts from our board and staff to keep you up to date on that process. If you have thoughts, ideas, suggestions, or concerns, please write to them at board@cita.org. This month we hear from our new Board Chair, Joe Frost

1996. Summer.
Fresh out of school with my bachelor’s degree in theatre from a small program in Ohio, and a lot of passion, but not a clear vision of what the Lord wanted for me next. Though I had already graduated, I tagged along on a trip designed for the next year’s group of our campus touring drama team – a trip to the Christians in Theatre Arts conference in Chicago, where I had the chance to meet so many people with the passion for connecting their faith to their artistry in theatre, and see it applied in so many different avenues – professional church drama, touring solo and small ensembles, educational theatre in colleges and university, theatre for youth, and engaging with professional theatre world. CITA and its community helped lead me toward my graduate studies, helped connect me to my career as a professor of theatre, and has continually inspired me to challenge my own ideas on how to approach the intersections of art and faith. Since then I have done work as a professional actor and playwright, taught at the university level, led theatre missions teams to Europe, experienced working in Theatre for Youth, done solo performance and written and devised many works for the stage. I know that CITA has both encouraged and equipped me.

2018. Fall.
Fresh off of the most recent CITA Happening in Houston, I am blessed with the opportunity to be the new chair of the board of directors, and we have a lot of work set out for us. We are so excited to gather in Marietta, GA this weekend, our group of board members, all with varying histories with and connections to Christians in Theatre Arts, taking this new opportunity to which the Lord has led us – to come together in search of a renewed vision for our organization, looking for new ways to encourage and equip believing theatre artists in the service of Jesus Christ while continuing to serve the many communities that have come together in CITA’s 30 year history. It will be a weekend full of challenging conversations, but we know as theatre people that there is something about live presence together that gives us the power to face difficulties, and we know as people of faith that gathering together invites the presence of the Holy Spirit with us, to guide our hearts and minds.

So, we ask you, any or all of you – members, friends, colleagues, family in Christ – to join with us in prayer September 29 & 30; for CITA, for the board of directors, that the mission of the organization, by which so many of us have been encouraged and inspired, will be affirmed through our upcoming process, that the Lord will reveal to us the next steps and provide direction for the passion we hold in our hearts, that lives at the intersection of our faith and our artistic calling.

Joe Frost photoJoseph Frost is a playwright, actor and director living in Jackson, Mississippi, with his wife, Shannon and their five children. He earned an MFA in Script and Screenwriting and an MA in Theatre Acting/ Directing from Regent University.  He has been involved in new play development for 18 years, with CITA, Belhaven University, Regent University, Crowded House Theatre, New Stage Theatre, and the Southeastern Theatre Conference.  Joseph is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America and is a Professor at Belhaven University, heading up their programs in Theatre Ministry and Dramatic Writing.

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