Festival Guidelines and Procedures

Secondary Theatre Festival Guidelines & Procedures

  1. The festival exists to promote growth for student actors/designers and will provide workshops, mentoring opportunities, exposure to college and university theatre representatives, peer artist relationship building, and performance opportunities with feedback and adjudication in order to promote a well-rounded experience. All pieces chosen for performance by contestants must be appropriate for viewing by a grade 6-12 audience. Please avoid obscene language, graphic content or questionable situations in your material. We want to provide a high-quality theatre experience in a family-friendly environment. Scores for a contestant or group will be reduced for unsuitable material. Please contact us if you have any questions.
  2. The registration deadline is January 4, 2019. Late registration (with a $50 late fee) will be accepted. Please note that there will be no refunds if you cancel after the deadline. Payment must be received by credit card or check within 15 days of the online registration form being submitted or on arrival at the festival, whichever comes first.
  3. Students in grades 6 -12, or the equivalent ages, may participate in the festival. Homeschooled or students attending outside of a school or group affiliation must be accompanied by a parent or adult who is listed on the registration.
  4. Our fee schedule has changed this year since CITA no longer requires paid membership. Overall, however, the price is the same as previous years. Groups or schools pay a general registration fee of $85, plus $20 per participating student, plus $15 per event (i.e. for each student in each event in which they compete). Individuals or families pay a general registration fee of $45 plus the other fees.
  5. All meals and lodging are your responsibility; no meals or lodging will be provided as a part of registration.
  6. Register early to reserve spaces in your preferred events. Space in each event is limited and will be reserved for groups as they register online. Students may participate in multiple events. CITA reserves the right to close any event that reaches maximum registration. Wait lists will be created if events fill, and directors will be notified. Refunds will be issued for registration fees paid for a closed event.
  7. Detailed schedules will be created once registration is closed and a schedule of performances will be available at the event.
  8. Check-in will open at 3 pm on the Thursday of the event for students not participating in the college auditions. Please do not arrive early. Auditioning students will be notified of the time at which they should arrive.
  9. Warm-up rooms may be available for your use, depending on our host venues. You may use them for 15-minute non-consecutive time slots. Space is limited, so please be considerate of other contestants.
  10. Adjudicators will follow the criteria provided in the Festival Evaluation Forms. The top performers, chosen at the discretion of the adjudicators in each round, will perform in a final event at the end of the Festival.
  11. Please note the time limits and rules for each event. Performances which do not adhere to these criteria will not be considered for inclusion in the final event.
  12. Once a contestant has begun her/his performance, the room will be closed and there will be no admittance or departure allowed until the performance has concluded.
  13. Student behavior – onstage, backstage, and in the audience – must be courteous at all times. Any disruptive behavior may result in disqualification and/or dismissal from the grounds.