What’s in a name?

CITA is dedicated to helping Christians in theatre arts to Create theatre, Cultivate emerging artists and new audiences, and Engage our communities.

In the past, we fulfilled our mission through providing networking opportunities, primarily at a typical organizational annual conference. But a few years back it became clear that this kind of conference wasn’t meeting our members’ needs anymore. We hit the pause button and waited for God’s direction.

Today, networking is easy. We can “follow” each other’s every move through social media, and we can reach almost anyone through email. What we need now is face-to-face collaboration to make and share work that inspires us and motivates others to live and love differently.

We’ve drawn the name of our gathering from unique performance events of the 1950s-70s. “Happenings” could take many forms, but they were participatory, experimental, experiential – and influential.

There was not a definite or consistent style for Happenings, as they greatly varied in size and intricacy. However, all artists staging Happenings operated with the fundamental belief that art could be brought into the realm of everyday life.-From “The Art Story: Modern Art Insight” 

Under the direct influence of Happenings, among other things, every aspect of theatre in this country has changed….-From “A Formalist Theatre” by Michael Kirby, p. 15

At CITA, we’re ready for a revolution in how Christians engage the world through theatre.

Are you? Then come to The Happening.