Want to become a CITA member? Boom, you’re a member.

CITA’s in a transitional time as our Board thinks through how we can best serve Christians working in theatre, right here and right now.

You’ll see references to “membership” on our site, and that’s because our official organizational by-laws refer to CITA as a membership-based organization. And we intend to reinstate membership (of some kind) again in the future. But we decided that we couldn’t be good stewards of our colleagues’ resources if we asked for payment for our services while we’re making these decisions.

Until membership is back, there are plenty of other ways to get involved:

  • Follow us on Facebook, on our main page, New Works Initiative page, and Secondary Festival page; and get active in our Facebook Networking Group.
  • Subscribe to our enewsletter.
  • Let us know about what you’re doing – our staff and board would be interested, and if it meets our criteria we’ll post it on Facebook and include it in enewsletter announcements.
  • Come to an event. Even if you’re not registered there are usually¬†portions that are open to the public for a small charge.
  • Write something for our blog or let us know about some article or resource that we’d be interested in knowing about and possibly promoting.
  • Tell us about your needs. We love to hear from our brothers and sisters, and your input would be especially helpful right now. Complete our survey and/or write to us at